**How to whitelist ContentKing's IP addresses in Cloudflare**

Anyone can share these steps. I have already checked a similar topic but can’t find the exact solutions. I just want to add in my website(JTL Fc Academy)

To allow IP addresses, create a firewall rule.

  1. Open your Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Click the domain you wish to create a firewall rule on
  3. Click “Firewall”
  4. Click add a firewall rule
  5. Add the information (or create an expression)

To see Cloudflare IP’s visit https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/

What do you mean by “Whitelist”?

On the Firewall tab of the dashboard, do you see logs that are relevant?

Do you have any Cloudflare Bot Management features enabled? Something like Super Bot Fight Mode could be at play here, and you cannot adjust that in Firewall Rules.

ContentKing list their monitoring addresses here.

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