How to whitelist blocked IP addresses in CloudFlare?

I need to whitelist 2 IP address which are currently blocked? I don’t know how?

Are cloudflare servers have some type of crawling protection system
(firewall) at there end.?

Can you tell me how to add the following IP addresses for crawlers to
your whitelist and enable full access to my website:


Please let me know what can be done?

Thank you.

In which way are they blocked? Post a screenshot.

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There is an external service which needs to crawl my website from these IPs. There support team people tells me that they are not able to access due to some type of protection.

This is the only information I have.

Could be anything in this case. For example “Browser Integrity Check”.

You’d need to ask for more information. Otherwise the only advice could be to whitelist the addresses in the IP access firewall, but there is no guarantee that will fix it.


That can be anything.

Browser integrity check, Challenge, JS Challenge, Firewall Rules…

Did you check the logs on your firewall tab?

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Thank you All for your help. I will look to the points you have told me and get back to you on this in a few days time.

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