How to whitelist a robot with specific IPs in Pro Plan?


I am using Ahrefs and it seems that its robots are blocked by Cloudflare.

I am currently using Pro Plan and the only settings I can find is " Super Bot Fight Mode", but it does not allow me to setup an allowlist and blocklist as described in

The current settings in " Super Bot Fight Mode" has already allow all robots, but Ahrefs robots are still blocked from time to time. How to solve the issue?

Can you Check your Firewall Activity ?

You could create a Firewall Rule with cf.client_bot or user-agent which contains “Ahrefs” with action “Allow” as far as Ahrefs is on the list of “good bots” by the Cloudflare Firewall Docs following the list of “known bots” on the link from below:

Otherwise, adding ahrefs IP address(es) / IP range to IP Access Rules might help you:

Access to Bot Management requires a Cloudflare Enterprise plan with Bot Management enabled.

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