How to WARP client connectivity issues

Hey all!

I’ve been using the WARP client + ZT for a couple months now and its working quite a bit better since the last update for the MacOS client. Specifically when I need to disconnect the WARP client intermittently to get access to certain things.

What I’ve noticed is that while the WARP client is connected, I’m unable to connect to quite a few CDNs (typically for software updates, namely MacOS updates and Discord updates, but also some sites that use a CDN for software downloads), and a couple other things don’t work as expected (I work for an MSP and use Splashtop to provide remote support and access servers; Splashtop won’t connect while connected to WARP).

My question is, how can I determine why I may not be able to connect to these services, or where the logging files are that might describe how I can troubleshoot this? I’ve looked through the DNS resolution logs in the ZT portal and it appears as though the addresses are resolving correctly and are being allowed, but rather it appears to be a routing issue that I’m not 100% sure is a local machine issue or a CF issue outside of my control.