How to view real visitors ip?

Hello community, recently we noticed about most of the ips of our visiters are proxified by cloudflare wich is not good for us cause we need it to ban users from our forums or to proble the users did something against our rules or something else, how we can solve this?

Since Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy, when it’s configured as expected, all connections to your origin webserver come from Cloudflare’s IP addresses, and that may or may not be a problem for you:

  • If your web application is using the originating IP of the visitor as part of its logic, it will now use a Cloudflare IP address
  • If you use the content of your access logs, they now contain a Cloudflare IP address as the $remote_addr

Depending on your setup, you can restore the visitor IPs in a number of ways. Below are a few of the most popular:


That din’t worked for me that module is already installed and i also added cloudflare ip list to the apache config and nothing yet, is there any option inside cloudflare to disable that?

To disable what? Apache by default sees the IP address of the next upstream device. In the case of every :orange: hostname that will be a Cloudflare IP address. That is unavoidable given how proxies sit between the end user and your server.

In order to log the actual client IP address, you have to look at something other than the usual client_ip value. Cloudflare provide the cf-connecting-ip for this purpose.

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But, have you restarted your Apache Web server / service after applying the changes?

What forum CMS are you using?

Does your forum CMS have some add-on/module for Cloudflare?

Do you ban users by username/email/IP address? (hope you got some sort of captcha for the sign up process due to the possibility of bots being registered)

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