How to view account login records and add, delete, and redirect records

My account has been stolen. I need to view the account login record and add, delete and transfer records

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Are you looking for the audit log on the lower left of the dashboard?

Can you explain what that means? Can you login? Has someone changed your records (visible in audit log)?

My account was maliciously logged in. I modified the receiving address of my email. After obtaining my important information, I restored the receiving address. I want to find the transfer record of my email. I want to transfer to the record of the specific mailbox so as to find the villain

Let me talk about the process. My account was maliciously logged in, and my email receiving address was changed to the address of the bad person. Steal a lot of my information through email. Then change the email address back. I urgently need the details of account login records and forwarded emails in recent days



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Ah, thank you. If someone has taken over your account you won’t be able to login to view those records. The only option is to add the domain to a new account, change the nameservers at your domain registrar and move the domain to a new account. Use a pw manage and do not share access nor reuse pw to protect the account. And, enable 2fa to avoid this in the future.

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