How to verify whether CDN prefetching is working?

Hi everyone,
According to this post:

we prepared and configured the manifest.txt, and the “Link” header.
So now how can we verify whether CDN prefetching is working? From the Cloudflare dashboard, or just somewhere else? And if not working, where to find out the root cause?


If you’re on an enterprise plan, I believe you’ll see evidence of the prefetch in the HTML response headers.

If not that, then you may have to try some experimenting by purging the cache, and do a fresh visit to the site to trigger the prefetch. Then ‘curl’ some of the prefetched resources to make sure they show a HIT.

Thanks a lot. I will have a try.

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Cloudflare CDN cache prefetch is only supported by Cloudflare Enterprise plans. To verify if it’s working you can check both your origin and Cloudflare Enterprise logpushed logs for user agents matching

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; CloudFlare-Prefetch/0.1; +

for prefetched requests


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