How to verify whether a user's custom domain point to my domain?

Hi. I am working on a Saas, which allow my users to use their own domain to publish their online store.

The flow for this will be :

  1. Users register their domain in my system
  2. Users point their own domain to my Saas domain (exp:
  3. My system check regularly whether their domain has pointed to

Now, I am stuck in step 3. My question is, does Cloudflare or any other 3rd party offer API that allow me to check a domain’s target / where the domain point to?

Unless I misunderstand what you are asking, dig or nslookup can do what you are looking for, provided your setup instructions tell your customers to ensure the hostname is :grey: in their DNS control panel.

If you are telling your customers to use an :orange: hostname, then you could ask your customers to create a scoped API token so you can look at their settings.

You could also make a HTTP request to their hostname for an uncachable URL. As you control the origin you will see the request coming in to your origin which would verify that the requests are going to the correct place.

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