How to verify rules?

Are there any tools using which I can hit and verify the cache time at the edge so that I can verify my rules?

when I hit

I want to know the time duration for which URL is cached at edge

Are you looking at the age response header:



How can I check age left time?
ie it will move from Hit to miss/expired?

First you have to understand one terminology:

When you instruct Cloudflare to cache something for a certain period via Cache-Control header or Edge Cache TTL setting in Page Rules (e.g. 1 day), it is basically telling Cloudflare that they can cache it for 1 day, but you are not telling Cloudflare that they must keep the cache for 1 day - because caching is done at a best-effort basis.

Even though you ask Cloudflare to cache for a maximum of 1 day, the cache might expire early due to high demand in the cache nodes, or your website traffic is too low, without notify you in advance.

So to answer your question,

No. You can only see how long an object is already cached, but not the timer when an object is going to expire.


I understand this even this not guaranteed in paid accounts which essentially means I can’t verify rules if different cache TTL is set.

yes correct

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