How to verify ownership of my site for Flippa?

I am trying to do a listing of my site on Flip-pa but was built for me by a company and they let me have access to the Word-press but don’t give me access to C Panel and thus I need to ask their support person to help me with the verification request but they won’t be back to work until Tuesday.

The verification request was…

Verify Ownership
Add a D N S TXT record

Copy the TXT Record below into your D N S configuration, then press Verify Now.

Record Type: TXT

Record Name: leading edge membership

Record Value: c6e6d10…bc4fee0

The site is hosted on my Cloud-flare account and in the Manage Domain section for the Leading Edge Membership site inside the D N S Management section on the T-X-T line there is a Name Required field and inside is a long series of numbers and letters similar to the Record Value number I was given by Flip-pa (see above).

Do I replace the TXT Name Required number inside my Cloudflare account with the Record Value number Flip-pa gave me?

I went over the ‘Adding D N S Records’ tutorial but doesn’t answer my specific question.

I don’t know how to handle this.

Thank you


Thank you for asking.

From my point of view and understanding, there might be the company used some 3rd-party service or a tool to build a WordPress website for you.
Therefore hosted it on some 3rd-party provider and which might be a Cloudflare integrator partner or some similar case. :thinking:

I am sorry to hear they didn’t provide you and don’t want to gave you the needed credentials so you could login, check and modify/change what you need and want.

I fully understand your frustration with this and time needed to make it as soon as possible.

May I ask, regarding your domain name and your Cloudflare account, can you post a screenshot of the Cloudflare dashboard when you navigate to the DNS tab? :thinking:

Furthermore, did you created an Cloudflare account and added your domain name yourself / individually or not?

I wonder, if you might be limited or somehow might see different interface due to some restrictions/limitations from that particular company (my best guess, could be I am wrong about it) if your CF account is added as a member to theirs.

  • might not be the case, but I am guessing…

May I ask did you saw the DNS entries (www, domain name, mail …) listed in a table-view design or maybe not?
On the right side, there should be some button or a link “Edit” - if that’s the “normal” Cloudflare interface, otherwise might be some different one (from your company provider).

May I just ask, were the step-by-step instructions by the article/tutorial from below which you were looking at, correct?:

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