How to verify domain for Google API with Cloudflare Access

I have Github authentication set up for my Cloudflare Access, but I’d prefer Google.

In the OAuth client creation for Google, I’m unable to add the domains for the origin and callbask as they are not authorised urls.

However I cannot verify and authorise them with google as obviously, I don’t own the domain.

Is there a solution to this?


For posterity, this is documented in our Developer Docs for the Access product.

Let me know if you were still having any issues getting this configured.

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The above article was updated today, among other things. Seems the info went missing. Any ideas?

If you think that some thing are missing in the online documentation you can simply look up the history and check if the needed infos are there as CloudFlares documentation is opensource.

See the related page here:

The related history to this article is here:

Also the GitHub repo shows the latest update has been made 14 days ago, maybe they just now rebuilded/regenerated the page.

The info isn’t in the article