How to verify Brotli is working?


Today I install mod_brotli on my Apache server and enable “Speed > Brotli” option in Cloudflare. I want to verify that Brotli option is working. How to do so?


Make a request indicating you can support Brotli, and look for the corresponding signal in the response:

% curl -H "Accept-Encoding: br" --dump-header - -o /dev/null --silent | grep -i content-encoding
content-encoding: br

Cloudflare do not support Brotli to the Origin, so enabling that module will do nothing if the hostname is :orange:.

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Thank you very much. I see this post, Blank page after turning on CDN and HTTP proxy - #19 by hesham011117, which said “3- Brotli (problematic also especially when your apache server did not had mod_brotli installed”, which implies that Brotli is also used between Cloudflare and the Origin?

From the documentation:

Cloudflare only supports the content types gzip towards your origin server …

I’ll admit that the docs can lag behind the reality of the product, and I have not tested this.

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