How to verify a file on the root domain?

Hey there guys,

This place was super helpful last time and I was highly appreciative. Saved me alot of headache as I’m a very novice webmaster haha

So I need to verify a script for this website and they are telling me to upload a js file to the root domain of my site. Here is a photo off the site files that I deploy along with the script I am trying to upload.

How would I go about putting this javascript on the root domain so i can verify it for this website. To my understanding, I would just place it in the folder and then upload it. Here is a photo of the file deployed in my CF however the verification still isn’t working.

My bad, forgot to post the photo of the deployment on my CF account. Here it is. As you can see the check permissions script is where I think it would need to be (root domain).

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