How to validate universal SSL certificates?

I have all of my cnames created and ready to go but under SSL/TLS>edge certificates they all show the SSL certs as pending. it looks like they are trying to validate by reaching out to

How do I validate these certs? do I need to upload a file to my servers?

Or should I purchase a cert and upload it?

the first time you issue the cert, you have to disable proxy on cloudflare. For both www and none www (as show in grey icon).
Then validate and issue, then turn it on again. Change the Your SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full or Flexible

ok, they are all grey. how/where do i validate and issue? do i need to upload anything to my website?

i have already entered the DNS txt record and that has been validated.

That is bad advice I am afraid. The encryption mode should be Full strict and Full strict only, everything else is insecure.

I have it set to full. question is how to get it to verify? Do i need to upload a file or something?

In this case only, because seem he is stucking at validate SSL Cert. Or it can be done by 301 at hosting to move all request to https.

No, if you are using Let’s Enscript it should be done automatic by your hosting and Let’s (if you do as i said above, turn off proxy).
Remember tu turn it on after SSL was activated.

The encryption mode won’t influence that. An HTTPS redirect could but that is unrelated to the encryption mode.

The OP should be on Full strict and he currently does not seem to be.

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