How to using CF by editing DNS zones only, instead of changing server DNS Names

How to use CF by editing DNS zones only, instead of changing DNS server Names. I want to use my DNS zone, and only redirect website traffic to CF, only change record A. Is it possible to do?

Currently I have a domain connected by changing server names, but now I would prefer to edit the zone with my provider. And in Cloudflare I want to only edit the “A” record.

I apologize for the question that may already be answered, but the topic is that there are a lot of similar answers, but on a different topic.

You cannot use Cloudflare functionality like that. You can only use Cloudflare when you CHANGE DNS NAME SERVER to Cloudflare. And once you have changed NS to Cloudflare, your provider changes will no longer take effect. Those changes are still possible, still saveable, but it won’t take effect until you point NS back to your provider’s NS.
The short answer is that you can’t.

This would be a CNAME setup and requires a Business plan or above.

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