How to use the IP of the cloudflare tunnel in IP access rules

I have an IP rule to avoid aunthetication for my IP at work (which is static).

In case of my home, I have a dynamic IP that changes regularly. Thus, I have to manually enter and change the IP in the Cloudflare dashboard each time I get a new one.

I was thinking, since I have a tunnel stablished to my server at home, is there a way to re-use the IP of that tunnel to also avoid the authentication for when I connect to my service from home?

Thanks in advance.

There’s no integration that I know of that would allow you to do that.

Personally, I would recommend you use a Zero Trust Access Application and set up an Identity Provider like Google or Github, so every time you want to access your secure resources, you just sign in via Google/Github and get let in. This can be pretty fast if you’re already signed in, and is way more secure/Zero Trust then just IP Whitelisting

Your second option is to make your own script which checks your IP every so often and uses the Cloudflare API to compare it to the one you have whitelisted/updates it if needed

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