How to use subdomain with port?

As it stands, my setup is only using subdomains, each subdomain has a function and points to a nginx webserver. I have SSL set to Full (strict).

There’s an application I’d like to use that uses to connect. Hostnames work too, I’d like to have Currently connects just fine, but does not. I added “fakesub” as an A record to but that’s not working. There are also other applications that use different ports, so ideally I’d like to just run them and change the port to whatever it needs.

I’m clearly doing something wrong and was hoping someone could shed some light on it!

Hi @ben.f.garcia,

Have you checked this documentation to see if the ports you are using are supported?

It’s not supported, but that article answered my question. The solution is the grey cloud thing. Thanks!

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No problem, yes the :grey: bypasses Cloudflare’s proxy and goes direct to your server, so that will work.

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