How to use SSL for SaaS and Pages

I’m unable to use Cloudflare SSL for Saas (custom hostnames) with Cloudflare Pages.

It seems something related to Cloudflare Pages, because I could successfully configure SSL for SaaS pointing to a external service, but when I try to use it with Cloudflare Pages I always get a 522 page.

I have used the official documentation to configure SSL for SaaS

I followed all the steps, and as I said before, I could make it work for external systems…

I not intended to use the the builtin custom domains of Cloudflare Pages, I would like to use Cloudflare SSL for SaaS, I understand the price of $ 0.10 per custom hostname, after the first 100.

That’s two competing Custom Hostname systems. You can either add a Custom Hostname to your existing origins (S4S), or add a Custom Hostname to a Pages project. Not both.

Why does it have to be S4S?

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I want to expose my own domain for my customer he creates create his cname, not the url.

Can I use Cloudflare Pages to host my app, Nextjs static, but use S4S to distribute it to my final customers?


Cloudflare Pages app called my-app, the domain should be

I can have the main url of it, lets say, it’s a custom domain of the my-app on Cloudflare Pages.

But I want to distribute it as a white-label solution to my customers, I don’t want to create a Cloudflare Pages custom domain for each one of them, exposing the domain, instead I would like to use SSL for SaaS.

So, I can create the fallback domain,, now, I can create a custom hostname in S4S, pointing to my customer domain, let’s say, I will ask to my customer to create a CNAME of to, ok he will need to validate his hostname via TXT and the certificate via TXT or HTTP, and I will need to pay $0.10 for each custom domain after the initial 100.

How can I achieve that?

same problem here, so far i think the only way to overcome this issue is to setup a worker as proxy which connects the custom hostname function with CF Pages

+1 blocker for me as well. Unable to configure custom domain to replace URL with our product custom URL.

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