How to Use Railgun with Cloudflare DNS?

My shared hosting on SiteGround offers integration with Cloudflare including the nice “Railgun” feature.

However, I find SiteGround’s DNS servers to be much slower compared to those provided by Cloudflare. So I use Cloudflare’s DNS servers instead.

Unfortunately, this breaks the Railgun integration with SiteGround. What I’d like is to use Cloudflare’s DNS servers and still get the benefits of Railgun integration with my web hosting provider.

Is this at all possible?

I don’t think that will work. SiteGround has an arrangement to use Railgun for their Cloudflare integration.

If you want to bypass their Cloudflare integration, you’ll have to set up your own Cloudflare account. And that doesn’t come with Railgun on the free plan.

That sucks :frowning: . Because Cloudflare’s DNS servers are so much faster, that it dwarfs any improvements Railgun might deliver…

how much slower is there dns 30-40ms top? I would choose railgun everytime

I actually tried it by reverting my DNS to SiteGround and integrating with Cloudflare and Railgun. I tested the results.

One problem I noticed was that my site didn’t seem to benefit from the touted “compression”. Cloudflare sends a special response in the header by the name of “Cf-Railgun”, and my compressed sizes were 99 - 100% of the the original. So hardly any benefit at all!

And my website is mostly static. No logging in, and no personalized or dynamic content.

Maybe I need to do some more testing and let it run for a while…

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