How To Use Proxy DNS & HTTP Cloudflare ( Cloud Orange With API )

How To Enable Cloud Orange Use API ? I Try Use ‘Proxied’ => ‘true’
But the results are the same


Did you verify the JSON was valid? What did the response say?

I Am Use cURL PHP, My Array Is valid but on proxied, i try ‘Proxied’ => ‘true’
but i check metadata on audit log issued resutl :

“Content”: “”,
“Name”: “”,
“Proxied”: false,
“Ttl”: “1”,
“Type”: “A”,
“Zone id”: “3cbb28cfade1351b310b8ae801f82e”,
“Zone name”: “

Again, what does the response say? I’d imagine this entire request to fail as, e.g., TTL needs to be at least 120 and should be a number. So in short, that JSON doesnt look valid.

i found this result :
{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1004,“message”:“DNS Validation Error”,“error_chain”:[{“code”:9003,“message”:“Invalid ‘proxied’ value, must be a boolean”}]}],“messages”:,“result”:null}

There we go :wink: