How to use new-style redirect rules for a blog migration

I am moving an old blog, which means a change in page structure. Pages that had the structure /YYYY/post-title will become /blog/post-title, e.g. this…


would become this…


We have a bunch of links from other sites that we want to keep working, so want to create a redirect from old-form to new.

With the old page-rules I would do:

matching url:*/*

forwarding url:$2

I want to use the new-style rules, which I think means a redirect-rule but I don’t know how to. Suggestions?
(Oh, and fyi, I have a pro account, which I think means I don’t have access to the regex)

With the new Redirect Rules, to perform the redirect you have now with a Page Rule with a Single Redirect (Dynamic) rule you’d need the regex_replace function, which unfortunately is only available with a Business or Enterprise Plan.

That means your options are:

  1. Upgrade your plan
  2. Create a list matching each of your post to their new URL, then create a Bulk Redirect using this list.
  3. Use a Page Rule until it’s deprecated
  4. Make the redirect work at your origin.