How to use my own hosting mail setting

For my domain email setting, I wish to use my own hosting mail service not Cloudflare email routing. How to do that?

I’m using Interworx as my hosting platform. The interworx provide a webmail services, which I can use as professional mailbox.

Like this:

I still have the MX records at my DNS record, when I try to use it at Cloudflare CDN. it only tells to do email forwarding only…

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You can just add the MX Records as normal, as well as any other records (spf, dkim, dmarc, etc).

Email Routing/Email Forwarding is an optional service Cloudflare offers that you can use if you want, but you certainly don’t need to.

I see your domain currently has a valid MX Record 300 IN MX 10 300 IN A
SPF: 300 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx

Are you having a specific issue, receiving or sending email?

I wouldn’t use valid to describe an MX that starts with:

That is a telltale sign of an MX that is pointed at a proxied hostname. RFC 5321 4.1.2 prohibits use of the underscore character in MX hostnames. It is preferable to use a dedicated hostname such as and set it to :grey: DNS Only.

Ah interesting, my bad, I hadn’t ran into that before.
I’m guessing that RFC is another one that is ignored, just for fun I tested sending to a proxied address like that from gmail and it still worked.

I would for sure clean that up/make an unproxied hostname like he’s suggesting. It does look like is the right IP though, matches the one you shared & has smtp open. Any other info would be helpful.

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It is sometimes ignored. I follow it to maximize compatibility, not because I am a mallet-wielding grumpy old postmaster from fiery depths unknown.

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