How to use mutual cert bases auth in CF workers with certificates issued by a third party?

The solution that we’re building with CF workers uses CF workers as an api endpoint. We use extensively CF KV storage that is filled by a component called data feeder. The data feeder was meant to be run as a CRON worker using the Unbound plan. The problem is, that the origin where it receives data from requires mutual cert bases auth for the traffic between a worker and the origin. They can’t accept certs that I can create in TLS/SSL tab of Cloudflare nor they’re capable of installing Authenticated Origin Pulls cert that you provide as an additional security.

Is there a way to import of to use selfsigned certs issued by a third party, both for the client cert and the origin cert and use them in CloudFlare Workers?


Hi @scooletz, unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible. It might be using an enterprise plan, but that would require contacting sales and it might not be cheap.

Any chance of doing auth via a different method? Limit by IP and then add a custom auth method, even using the standard Authorization header.

PS: thanks for using the tag correctly.


Thank you for a reply :slight_smile:

The provider of API changed the authentication scheme so it looks that we’re :+1:

Yeah, the bearer was the first thing that came to my mind but as it was not provided and I wanted to gather options first, that’s why I asked the question in here. Even with knowing how Workers are hosted (v8 isolates) I thought that maybe theres a polyfill for https npm package or something else.

Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

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