How to use multiple workers?

I have just started developing in a new position.
The last person has a route of* ==> aaa.c.o.m

This works fantastically and the logs tick over happily.

I have developed one with route where it returns a 200 in the http tag* ==> aaa.c.o.m

But the http tag in the dev window for the third one just returns 404* ==> aaa.c.o.m

I have tried all sorts of variations and spent more time on that than on creating the worker.

What am I missing?

Edited to remove urls as they are not allowed.

I can’t edit the post, probably as a new user, but even to me it looks gobbledegook.

So we have a website of domain which is the zone

For the first worker In the UI interface I have to make a custom route to attach to that domain.
So the first one was just using itself =>

But I can’t use that route in my second worker. It won’t let me. I want this worker to work on the same domain. So I went => That sort of worked.

Now I made a third worker and this where it all fell over
No matter what I call the route line => it always returns a 404 in the dev window

I hope this is clearer :slight_smile: