How to use Multiple origins WITHOUT dns managed by cloudflare?

Connect multiple HTTP origins · Cloudflare for Teams docs

I would connect a single Cloudflare tunnel for multiple origins, however, in the last step, I realize this tutorial does not work, except if I use Cloudflare to manage DNS.

Is there any way to use my current DNS instead to point my domain to Cloudflare nameservers?

Yes, you can sign up for the business plan or enterprise plan and use a CNAME setup.

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So sad! Do you suggest a workaround to reach the same goal?

Use an alternative domain which are are willing to move to use Cloudflare’s name servers.

No possible.

Let me explain the workflow.
I have an Nginx server with 50 websites.

  1. I created an ingress rule to redirect all requests to http://IP:80
  2. I point a DNS hostname to Cloudflare
    cloudflared tunnel route dns HOSTNAME DNS.EXAMPLE.COM
  3. I create a CNAME record in “” to CNAME “DNS.EXAMPLE.COM

I realize if I do the step 3 in a “cloudflared managed DNS domain” everything works, but If I use thirdy-party mange dns does not works. Maybe, is possible to add support to Cloudflare DNS Argo domains in thirdy-party DNS?

Then you need to use a CNAME setup or move your DNS to Cloudflare.

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