How to use let's encrypt certificates instead of cloudflare's universal certificate?

Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for my English: I am using google translator.

I tell you that I have my website which is:

I have the lets encript certificates configured on my web server for the main domain and for the blog and forum subdomains.
When I add the domain to cloudflare: and the cloudflare configuration is complete: I get the cloudflare certificate.
If I disable the universal certificate I get the error:

So I would like to use the certificates that are already installed on my web server.
How can I do that? Thanks

Ps: lets encript certificate works if i stop redirecting dns by proxi, but i would like that function

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You can’t. As long as you use the proxies you have to use a proxy certificate, e.g. the universal certificate.

If you wanted to use your own certificate you’d have to upgrade to Business as only there you can upload your own, but that’s really not necessary.

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You mean the certificate does not show up any more or it can’t get issued/renewed? The latter sometimes is an issue, the search will have more on that. In these cases a Cloudflare Origin certificate will be the easier thing to use (again, the search).

the problem with the universal certificate is that it doesn’t cover subdomains with www. for example: that’s why I want to use lets encript

That’s true, for that you’ll need a paid ACM certificate from Cloudflare at $10 a month.

The only other option is aforementioned Business plan at $200 a month or unproxying altogether.

and there is no other alternative?
or is it the only thing

Those are the only choices if you use

  1. BIZ/ENT Plan with your own certificate -or-
  2. ACM generate your own certificate with any hostname in that domain for $10/month

Or just don’t use ‘www’ on a subdomain (my preference).

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It’s these three.


thanks for the answer, what a pity not to be able to use a subdomain with www for free. Thank you very much for all the help


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