How to Use Google DNS

Newbie developer question from half intelligent lawyer. Site host is Kinsta. Prior DNS was Google. I signed up for Cloudlare to stop the fake 1500 users per day to my site. Success, the fake users stopped! But I have a new challenge. Using Cloudflare DNS slow my site significantly.

I tested my site speed on Google’s “PageSpeed Insight.” It is now significantly slower: 72% Google DNS vs 42% Cloudflare DNS.

I read “How to Use Cloudflare wiht Google Platform” but there is no useful information. I searched the community for Google relating to DNS. nothing.

I want to use Google’s DNS to speed up my site. Can someone help me please?

Yours truly,
Half intelligent lawyer

Can you share the name of the domain here? I took a look at what I think is your site and there are no indications DNS is affecting load time,, but there are areas to improve with image optimization, javascript and CSS. To use cloudflare, you need the cf nameservers. I doubt that’s affecting performance, but if you can share the name, we can take a look.

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