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I am new to Cloudflare and just onboarded few of my product sites here.
I heard that I can have logs of all HTTPResponses provided to endusers just like advance logging in IIS.
However thats not easy to fetch but using some kind of RESTApi.

The plan is to have those historical logs to further analysis of the visitor and their responses from Cloudflare edge nodes. I need your kind help to figure it out how can I fetch these logs (which seems in json format) using some script viz., bash / Python/ Powershell etc and keep into W3C or similar format on my FTP server.



ELS is ony available on the enterprise plans. If you have an enterprise plan you can ask your solutions engineer to ensure you have ELS enabled for your enterprise zone and then you can use a tool like to export the logs to a location you choose for analysis.


You right.
I tried the way support team provided, but the output result file (.gz) is completely blank while the traffic on the site was too high.
Have you face this issue?
I am running the command like:

and while reading that file:


hmmm… not sure. There is a max file size (I can’t remember the exact size… I think it is 2GB). On an extremely high traffic site, you may need to query in 1 minute intervals. Try the shorter intervals, if that doesn’t work complain to your SE that @cscharff is horrible and passed the buck back to him/her. :smiley:

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