How to use different ports with HTTPS?

So I use port 8080 on my website. But it doesn’t have https.(I can get to the website it’s just super slow so I’m hoping https will fix the slowness problem) I’m hosting the site my self with my own computer using Apache and I’m not sure how to add it. Any tips/videos would be great!

8080 isn’t an HTTPS port. And HTTPS really has nothing to do with site speed. If you want to try HTTPS, use one of the ports from this article, then an Origin Cert from the next article.


If you are running your web server on port 8080 on a network that can’t port forward, you could use Argo Tunnels to send traffic to port 8080 and have it be accessible from port 80/443. For example, on, you’ll see an example configuration where cloudflared is told to look to the localhost on port 8000 for the service:

hostname: *    
service: https://localhost:8000

I have a test service running in a docker container for another example, where the application is listening on port 1000 but is accessible through

This may or may not really help with slowness though, unless something is throttling port 8080 or your server is under load.

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