How to use

Can we create subdomain on or use cursecdn service to upload files for gaming site like
Like uses to upload files .
I want to do same.
Please help

That’s not a real website, it’s the media server the wiki hosts it’s sound files on.
You’ll need to ask whoever owns the domain.

I am not familiar with that Website, and also afraid that Cloudflare does not provide hosting services (yet). In which case you would either need to host your assets and files somewhere like bucket of Amazon S3, or Google Storage bucket, or somewhere else, then create a sub-domain and serve files via that way being proxied by Cloudflare (:orange: cloud for a DNS record at Cloudflare DNS dashboard).

If your Website is using Cloudflare, yes.
To create a subdomain, in the DNS tab, you add a record with the name of the subdomain, pointing to your host. They will specify whether it needs to be an A record or CNAME etc. And give you the content of the record.

In case of help, try using tutorial below:

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