How to use cloudflare to realize IPv6 access?

The VPS of my website does not support IPV6. How can I use cloudflare to implement IPV6 domain name resolution?

It does this by default. I have a server that’s IPv4 only, so my DNS entries in the Cloudflare Dashboard are only “A” records with my IPv4 address. But a host lookup returns both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the Cloudflare reverse proxy servers:

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:wave: @cdbeian,

An IPv6 address is automatically advertised for any host which is :orange:.


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I still don’t understand what you mean. Can you tell me the specific implementation method?


The Partner Panel I used, cloudflare access through Cname


Is something not working? What’s the domain?

IPV6 address allocated by cloudflare

Resolution of my domain name


I accessed cloudflare via Cname. I added AAAA parsing to third-party DNS, but I found it not working through ping.

My domain name is


But that is ok. Visitors can reach your site on IPv4 and IPv6 thanks to Cloudflare. And Cloudflare will route all of them to IPv4 on your VPS.

website can’t open

Hi @cdbeian,

Are you sure IPv6 is enabled on your Windows machine? There’s been reports of IPv6 being disabled on recent Windows updates. Some say it’s an intermittent issue. (If you are curious, open Windows Feedback Hub and search for IPv6 to see some of these reports)

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Now your site is not using Cloudflare. I thought I tested it earlier and it worked. I should have taken a picture.

My VPS does not support IPv6

The domain AAAA points to the Anycast IPv6 address assigned by cloudflare: 2606:4700:30:0:0:0:0:681c:103

Neither does mine, but it works.

I should have set it up correctly, but the website can’t be opened.

What is the general cause of this situation?

Why do you say it can’t be opened?