How to use cloudflare Spectrum to Secure ftp login

Hi, i want to Secure my ftp login with , i want that to login to my ftp server should do verify with phone or 2FA , or anything else like this , for example , just my ip can log to my ftp.
how can i do this?

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard Open external link .
  2. Select Spectrum.
  3. Select Create an Application. …
  4. Select your Application Type.
  5. Under Domain, enter the domain that will use Spectrum.
  6. Under Edge Port, enter the port Cloudflare should use for your application.

what should i choose, ssh or minecraft? and what i should enter befor my website name?
and what i should enter in “Enter the IP address where your service is running.” ?
should i enter my internet ip or my ftp login ip?

You need Enterprise Spectrum to use arbitary tcp/udp, like for FTP. The Pro/Biz Spectrum is restricted to ssh/minecraft/rdp.

Spectrum wouldn’t really be what you want anyway, it’s more about merely proxying FTP through Cloudflare’s protections and network, not securing it with a login.

What you want is more in line with Zero Trust, using Cloudflare Tunnels.

Note that using Cloudflare Tunnels, you will need to either run cloudflared (cli tunnel program) or WARP logged into Zero Trust locally on your computer, to get access to your FTP. It won’t be “seamless”, but it does allow you to set up sign-in with Google or many other login providers that support 2fa to get access.

Cloudflare has a guide here for arbitrary TCP with Cloudflared:

Just a forewarning, this does require some knowledge/technical skills to set up, and you will need to get Zero Trust’s Free plan which does require a payment method. If you have any specific questions or issues though, feel free to ask.


can you make videos like youtube videos and show how to do this from start to end? i didnt find anything like this in youtube.

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