How to use Cloudflare R2 storage when the site is hosted by Vercel?

I use Vercel for DNS and site deployment. I would like to use Cloudflare R2 to store video files. According to the Cloudflare documentation, I can enable the CDN only if I connect my domain to it. However, I can’t move my DNS away from Vercel. Can I allocate a subdomain, such as, for R2 without transferring the entire DNS? What are my other options?

Only with a Business plan at Cloudflare so you can do partial setup:

You would then add the root/apex domain as a partial zone and only cname the subdomain you want from Vercel to Cloudflare.

Alternatively to add the subdomain as a Full zone you would need Enterprise:

Access the files through another method like the S3 API, presigned URLs or a custom domain on a separate domain if you have one.