How to use cloudflare on adult website and not get ban


My site was get attack from botnet,so i decided to use Cloudflare to prevent the attack.
It’s can use for about couple hours but after that i got ban from the Cloudflare due adult contents website.

I want to know how can i use Cloudflare service with my site and not got ban from it.

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks in advance

I’m not aware of Cloudflare caring about adult websites. Provided the site is not illegal it would not violate the terms.

If you are talking about delivering content like video through the Cloudflare network, that would violate the prohibition of Section 2.8 of the Terms of Service, and you would need to either use a product like Cloudflare Stream, Stream Delivery, set the video hostname to :grey:, or negotiate particular terms on an Enterprise plan.


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