How to use cloudflare nameserver on external domain wt host wt custom nameserver

How to use Cloudflare nameserver whilst using an external domain with hosting company which is already using their custom nameserver on the domain registrar to point the domain?

My domain is registered with Namecheap, I am using 1 & 1 as my hosting company. 1 & 1 said to use their own custom server on the Namecheap in order to point the domain toward hosting.

How do I implement Cloudflare CDN. 1 & 1 is allowing me to change nameserver in their settings but cloudlfare is not picking it up. If I change it on Namecheap it will be disconnected from hosting. Please advise.

Using Cloudflare’s name servers shouldn’t disconnect your hosting. You’re just using Cloudflare DNS to replicate the records you currently have at 1&1. There’s always the chance your host will move your site to a different server and you’ll need to update your DNS records here.

But you’ll need to change the name servers for your domain at your registrar (Namecheap).

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