How to use Cloud-flare DNS for a subdomain?

I’ve got a blog in an internet post office. My blog is a business website subdomain. This is a concern for me, because my site is, because I’m asked to enter a domain address, not a subdomain when I enter my Cloudflare blog address.

So what should I do? So what should I? And I don’t know how I want to use the DNS for my blog.

In advance, Thanks.

Is canadaprimemarketing the site you’re trying to add to Cloudflare? It has an IP address, so if you add that domain to Cloudflare, you’d go to GoDaddy (if that’s your registrar) and update the name servers for canadaprimemarketing.

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Thanks @sdayman for your kind information, I submitted my site to Cloud-flare and I also got a dashboard for this. but I still facing “Pending Nameserver Update” Issue. So what to do for pending name server?

Thanks in Advance.

Your domain registration has this warning:

That may be interfering with the name server update.

GoDaddy’s WHOIS also shows the old name servers:

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