How to use blogger https instead of cloudflare ssl?

I don’t know if it’s conflicting or something, I am using blogger with Cloudflare dns.
I read Cloudflare ssl don’t support all browser, so I just want to use blogger https, how to setting so it use blogger ssl?
Should I delete the certificate on Cloudflare? or set the ssl off in the setting?

Cloudflare generally does support all browsers, what you read probably refers to older platforms and browsers, which are actually not supported by default but that would be something from the XP era, not sure how applicable that would be to you.

If you want to skip Cloudflare’s certificate you will simply need to switch your DNS records to :grey: and have them point straight to Google instead of Cloudflare.

Thank you, after think it a lot, I decided to use Cloudflare instead, I don’t want to lose the cdn feature and protection just because of https. I honestly don’t know which ssl setting I should use if I use blogger. Since the ssl on blogger is not origin, I should use “Full” ?

Flexible, full or full strict ? I don’t want it cause issue with https redirect later, and cause my site down, haha

Generally always “Full strict”. You will still need a valid certificate on your end, but its the only true secure setting.

Honestly, I’d doubt the necessity of Cloudflare if you run your site already off of Blogger.

Well, custom domain need dns to work, and blogger don’t provide free dns, so I am using Cloudflare dns. What would you do if you were in my position?
I mean like greyed out and use it as dns only or full strict as you said before?

I’d probably use the registrar’s DNS service and point it straight to Google.

Doesn’t Cloudflare dns is better than default registrar dns service?

Depends on your registrar. You asked what I’d do :slight_smile:

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