How to Use AutoSSL with Cloudflare

My web host provide instructions that say after logging into Cloudflare to then: 1. At the top, select Crypto. There’s no such tab/link on my cloudflare account page. Any help?

All SSL things are under SSL/TLS -

Thanks I looked there but still no reference to ‘Crypto’.

As you’ve learned, your host’s instructions are incorrect. Can you provide a link to the instructions you’re using? What did they tell you to do once you found the Crypto section?

Hi sdayman,

Here are the full instructions:

How to Use AutoSSL with Cloudflare

To improve website security with Cloudflare, and better protect your visitors, use AutoSSL, not just Cloudflare’s SSL.

  • Install AutoSSL on your Shared, Reseller, or VPS/Dedicated server
  • 301 redirect all website traffic to HTTPS using the .htaccess file or plugins such as Really Simple SSL for WordPress
  • Log into Cloudflare
  • At the top, select Crypto
  • Select Full (Strict) to encrypt traffic between your server and Cloudflare
  • At the top, select Caching
  • Select Purge everything to clear your Cloudflare cache
  • Clear your browser cache or open a private browsing session
  • Open your website and it should be using HTTPS
  • Select the SSL icon in your browser to view detailed information and you should see Verified by: Cloudflare

The link @WalshyMVP posted is correct. The SSL/TLS page is where you’ll find the SSL Mode: Full (Strict).

I have verified FWIW that the setting is Full and I followed the rest of the instructions so maybe the Crypto is just a red herring? A reference that now uses alternate nomenclature?

It should be “Full strict”, not just “Full”. Otherwise you still have an insecure setting.

IIRC it used to be called “Crypto”.

Apart from that legacy reference your host is spot on with the instructions and contrary to many other hosts they actually gave sound advice for a secure environment.


Thank you Sandro.