How to use ASN filtering

I read your advice tips but still did not understand how not to use this ASN filtering.
For example, I want to block access to all ip from the Chinese company baidu. How can I do this?

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Baidu seems to be AS 55967, so the following rule should accomplish that

Oh, and I in the firewall added
this is not true ?

A firewall rule works too.

Perhaps I did not correctly understand what an ASN is.
Then another example is the site
his ASN is 16276
I added it to the firewall as a white-sheet, but many ipv6 pass by and the status block becomes.
What am I doing?

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I already read it, you help me how to add ASN rules for the domain
I want all their ipv4 and ipv6 to be whitelisted

The screenshot shows that part of ip passes and part of it falls under the rules of checking js.
why is that? all ip shown in the screenshot should have a white list

I learned everything turns out to be ASN assigned only by hosting companies. And not to individual organizations.
The solution to my problem is to simply register or ip them 16pcs.
Or specify your cookie value and everything will work fine.