How to use alternative ports

Hi, i want to use the port 2052 instead of the normal 80 there’s is a page saying cloudflare supports this port but how do I use it without using something like portzilla any help is greatly appreciated

Type into your browser.

That’s not exactly what I meant I want to point a sub domain to my ip with one of the alternative ports listed

That’s impossible. DNS won’t let you include a port number, so you’d need a process like Portzilla to pull content from one port and serve it over another.

You’d need to write a worker to transform the port.

Worker cannot connect to custom port - Developers / Workers - Cloudflare Community

i wanted to avoid this because it costs more (not much its reasonable) but then i realized theres a free version that will well fit my needs with 100k requests per day

is there any github or do i have to read the docs really closely or something im fairly well versed in javascript but i dont know the docs for the worker port rewrite