How to use a subdomain for shopify online shop?

Hello, I need somebody to help me, please!
I tried to use a subdomain for my Shopify, and it showed up an error that “A, AAA or CNAME record already exists”

An entry of @ is your main domain, You will need to pick something that doesn’t already exist in your “Name” column.

Pls use it like this:

Name: shops
Target: @

Now it will work :slight_smile:

I’ll try, thanks you!

Let me try first, thank you!

To explain it.

Name is “the name of your subdomain you want to use”
Targat is “the target you want your Domain to point to”

In your Case u use a CNAME which just means you are pointing to the same IP as the target Domain.

#EDIT: pls read this:

Yes, I want to use the point to ‘’, but i can not do that record, it always shows me an error, and the root domian is our official website, we would not change that, we prefer to take a subdomain as the online shop.

I use the, it’s connecting now, but it feels strange.

This is due to this configuration:

Your Subdomain “” is already pointing (as an A-Record) to the IP 23.227.38.x

(pls never post your IPs if it is important that they are not exposed!)


  1. Delete the A-Record for the name “store” now change your CNAME Subdomain from “” to “store”
  2. Try if it still works iof you proxy your CNAME. If it does its good, as it hides your IP

I tried to delete the IP record, and the ‘’ record would be normal and it would be connecting with Shopify, but the ‘’ is not normal with browser scan because of the SSL.

I was wondering if ‘’ is the same with ‘’, any influence if I use the

I’d strip off the www for store, simply because Cloudflare SSL/TLS (Free and $5 certs) don’t go that deep. They only cover and *

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