How to use a Dedicated certificate on a parent domain and sub domain?


I have a Cloudflare Dedicated certificate cert on my parent domain ( but I want to use it on a sub domain (separate Server with Nextcloud) as DNS is setup and replicated.

I tried setting up the cert on the sub domain but I get HTTP handshake error and server is down. I use NGINX and have the same config (protocols and ciphers at the parent domain). I have Always use HTTPS turned on at Cloudflare and Secure headers to force https on the parent domain.

Q1) Is there a guide for how to setup a Dedicated certificate on a parent domain and a sub domain?

Q2) Do I need to replace my Dedicated certificate with a Dedicated SSL with Custom Host name and add the parent domain sub domain (I thought * was enough to cover sub domains)?

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Thanks In Advance

Cloudflare has a valid certificate for that subdomain, but the server does not have a valid certificate.

Thanks , I changed “Full (Script)” to “Full” at cloudflare and and loads

I will re-read tonight and see how I can configure to turn “Full (Strict)” back on.

Whats if the official way to add the certificates to NGINX/Linux?

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From this Support Article:

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