How to upload my images on cloudflare CDN?

I’d like to use cloudflare CDN to upload my website’s images in order to free space on my hosting. Is it possible or Cloudflare only provides a caching solution?
My website is a static HTML one, I’d like to remove all my images files and put them on cloudflare CDN, how to do this? thanks for your help

This is your answer, Cloudflare is Proxy/CDN, you can’t upload images on Cloudflare (you technically can, with Worker Sites, but it’s a paid product


Thank you very much for your help Matteo. Well I thought it was also a sort of cloud more than a caching solution, as amazon with aws cloudfront.

No, they are different kinds of CDNs, you can use Workers Sites, it should work just fine for less cost most likely.

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Yep I will check.
I think amazon is free the first year and then you pay per Gb.

Free up to a certain amount used, you then pay for sure bandwidth per GB, request count, GBs stored and possible egress. To me it’s easier to set-up a bucket somewhere and put it behind Cloudflare (Backblaze has no egress to Cloudflare, so you pay only for storage).

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I will check backblaze thanks.
I think cloudflare are a bit misleading when they say they are a CDN, since we can’t store our stuff on their servers. They are more a security/antispam/anti DDos protection (which is fine though)

To be fair, Cloudflare doesnt really claim to be a CDN. People always say, assume, and believe that.

For example, on their main page it doesnt say CDN anywhere. I think the plan comparison does refer to a CDN feature, which I would call a grey area, and there are some features which are CDNish but overall Cloudflare is not really a CDN.

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