How to upload my images/html/css/js on cloudflare CDN?

Hi, everybody, I’ve been trying for a long time to set up the CDN for my site, then I’ve been trying for a long time to find the answer to the question: how to upload css/html/js/img files to cloudflare and run them through your CDN to get a MAXIMAL quick download of my site, because I significantly reduce the load on my hosting. However, I came across a post on a forum saying that cloudflare is NOT a CDN, it has never been and does not provide such a feature. Is it true? I have a hosting and domain purchased at I want all my pictures to have the following url:
that css files are run in the same way through cdn, so that js is loaded instantly because it is on: “the fastest, most affordable, free platform in the world of CDN cloudflare”. So this is all an illusion? and we’re being misled? in that case, it’s better to use Amazon aws. which provides the ability to store data?

Cloudflare acts as a Pull CDN, like most others, so when a file is requested for the first time, it is loaded in the cache. Subsequent requests will come from the cache until that item expires or is evicted for lack of use until the next request. You’re certainly welcome to use any other service that suits you best.

To upload your static css html js img content files follow this step by step instruction here:

A route does map your uploaded static content to the prefered dns domain at cloudflare in this case it should be*

If you follow all the steps you should see your content as in the step by step how-to instruction.

thank you for the instructions. I’ll try it now!

Of course it’s a good service too, but I thought you were offended by my message? but it shouldn’t be negative, because if we Google it: “the best CDNs in the world”, we will get a list of options, including: cloudflare. The cloudflare company has misled users like me.

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