How to upgrade workers for each domain

I am going to pay $5 and upgrade the workers
I have 5 domains in my Cloudflare account
I have 1 million daily write operations in each domain and I need this upgrade for each domain
Do I have to create a new account for each domain in Cloudflare?
Help me please

The Workers subscription is a per account upgrade, so it will work on all domains in the account.

Just add all the domains you want in the account you are using and get the Workers subscription for the account.

Well, I need more than 1 million operations
Will my workers be terminated after 1 million operations are completed?
Or does it cost extra? About how much is it?
Should I create more accounts and transfer each domain to one account and upgrade workers for each account?

Here are all the details about pricing. Of course it will cost extra, but there no advantages to having multiple base subscriptions vs. a single one, except higher base costs.

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