How to upgrade Pages to a paid plan

Cloudflare Pages is great. After some toying, I would like to upgrade to a paid plan for more build quotas. However I cannot find the upgrade path anywhere.

Thank you.

Hi @leeyeh,

Please follow the below steps for upgrading your plan. You can alter an existing plan by:

  1. Login to the Cloudflare Dashboard and choose the Billing tab from the Profile menu in the top right corner.
  2. From the Billing tab, select the Subscriptions tab on the left.
  3. You can then select Edit next to any domain or subscription.
  4. Choose your new plan type and follow the given instructions

Thanks, Laurie.

I followed your instructions but got stuck on step 3 as the subscription list is empty. I guess this is because all domains under this account are at the free plan.

Cloudflare Pages seem to be a standalone feature to me. The sites hosted at Pages do not belong to A domain. This pricing apples to all sites under my account. What I’m looking for is to upgrade the Pages feature rather then a particular domain.

Or maybe I got everything wrong? :joy:

Sorry for the delay here, I am a bit confused by what you are referring to as “pages” do you mean page rules? If so you can add more page rules in the page rules tab in your dashboard.

Cloudflare Pages is in Beta at the moment, therefore plan upgrades are not available.
Have you hit a limitation?

I have the same issue. Not for pages but upgrading my account in general. When I go to “subscriptions” there are no options to edit beneath the line.

Thanks for your explanation.

I’m planning to migrate an active developing site. Since the previews feature can not be disabled. The 500 builds limitation will be reached in a short time.