How to update zones automatically?


One problem I cannot get my head over it is when the local DNS zone is changed via cpanel or WHM, I need to always re-add the detail manually to Cloudflare.
This is a bit of a nightmare as I love to keep my local zones backedup(in case I wish to change server).

How can I get Cloudflare to automatically get the newest details from my local zone and update it automatically to my Cloudflare panel please?
If this feature is not there, it is really needed as sometime you may have server support who change details on your local zone and you may not always know what they have changed. Having both the local and Cloudflare zones in zync would be superb.

Thank you.

Have a look at DNS Records for a Zone in the Cloudflare API documentation.

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Thank you but it seems that you still need to have a manual interaction with the API, what I meant was a switch button in the account that that says “Update local to remote zone sync” or “Click to update”.
If you start to play with the API, things are not straight forward for a normal user.

There are some efforts like Domain Connect that are trying to make it easier than but the days of pushing one button on a phone to deploy a production site still requires a bit of planning/effort

thanks, I was just surprised of not seeing this feature after all the complex stuff the Cloudflare team has already done. I understand it requires planning, I am a dev so I know well about this :slight_smile:

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