How to update Pages website

I have a functioning website on Cloudflare Pages. I wish to update it. I created the new version of the site and saved the site to a folder. I uploaded the site under a new project name. Now I have two sections in Workers and Pages overview, one containing the old version of the site and the other with then new version. I can’t see a way to connect my domain name to the newer version. Advice please.

If you want to update an existing site, you should open the existing application and create a new production deployment. Don’t create a new application!

You could remove the custom domain from the old application and attach it to the new application.

But since this is a simple folder upload, I would just delete the new project (application), and re-upload the new site as a new production deployment under the original application.

The other


I can’t delete the new application ‘This deployment cannot be deleted because it is currently your active Production deployment.’ I can’t see anywhere to to set it to another status.

As you were, I’ve worked it out by trial and error. Thanks.

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