How to update email address to which monthly Cloudflare data transferred are sent?

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Done that - no results.

I had to change my email address. I updated Cloudflare (CF) to the new address, and that works fine to login to CF. However, the monthly emails from CF that say how much data has been transferred that month are still being sent to the old address.

How do I update that address to the new one?

Look in your Cloudflare dashboard under account notifications. The Web Analytics Metrics Update notification lets you set one or more addresses to send to, independently of the address you use to log in.

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Hi i40west,

Hey, thanks for that! Should fix the problem, have to wait a month to see.

Guess Cloudflare is a bit overkill for a single domain low usage information only site!

Actually it works great for that use case, which I think is pretty impressive for something that can scale to the largest enterprise levels as well. :slightly_smiling_face: