How to update dynamic content?



In my footer i have dynamic content that refreshes every time a user update/refresh the page. I’m using “Wordpress Content Views” plugin and randomize the content that will be shown in the footer. From when I installed Cloudflare the content is not changing anymore. I guess it has to do with the caching.

Im not sure how to do a page rule on this content since it’s used on a number of pages spread-out on the site.

Appreciate all the help I can get.


You could possibly change it to have the constantly changing text retrieved via an API and perform an xhr to get the content, or have it only show up on a sub-page that’s not cached by Cloudflare (eg /nocache/footer.html) and use an iframe to embed it. Either way, it would likely require some code work since I wouldn’t think the plugin already has functionality that supports this.

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